Craft is a one-stop design agency that provides custom product design, packaging design, and brand design services from early concept to fulfillment and anywhere in between.

What we do


We collaborate with clients to identify their constraints and interests. Our team deploys design tools and processes to develop then prove concepts as early as possible. Clients are invited to any level of collaboration, but our process ensures confidence in a design that is escalated through progressive prototyping, to a final experience.


It’s intangible, but it’s everything. We partner with new or scaling ventures to craft exceptional brands. We consider every detail. We even design our own brands.


Strong brands are established on a consistent experience. Packaging is an opportunity to make a strong impression on customers and reinforce the brand.

We pull on the standard, the unique, and the exotic to embed the right experience into our packaging designs. We are not aware of anyone able to demonstrate and prove packaging concepts as fast as we do. This is our jam.


Tangible products are an embodiment of a brand. They should be customized to reinforce the unique experience of that brand. We believe creating custom products within a budget.

Our multidisciplinary team folds deep engineering and design expertise into products that are innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, detailed, sustainable, and perfectly simple.

We are students of design history, purveyors of consistency, and masters at our craft.


We design sourcing and logistics solutions for each project. The source location is optimized (domestic or foreign) based on project requirements. We maintain exceptional relationships with partner manufacturers and manage freight forwarding and importing. We even provide warehousing, kitting, and fulfillment services.

Craft. The start to finish agency.™

We curate both our team and client list to keep them lean and nimble. If you want to create unforgettable brands with us, our production schedule does have a tad bit of a wait…

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