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We believe that building exceptional brands requires exceptional creative ideas and acute execution to that vision. Our job is not done until your consumers love your brand experience.

Travis Winn
Founder IN EM

At 8 years old, Travis Winn sold ice-cold lemonade to passersby in south Bakersfield to snag some Oakley Frogskins. Since his first entrepreneurial venture, he was hooked—and has brought hundreds of products to market over his career across multiple brands and clients. His ability to take an abstract idea to a finished product in record time has led him to work with all kinds of companies, from the most aggressive startups to established multinationals.

Prior to founding Craft in 2016, Travis co-founded fitness accessories brand Trimr (2012) and started soccer lifestyle brand Calle (2006). Well-callused to the grind of a startup, Travis feels comfortable working long hours in the trenches to get something just right.

With his vast experience in bringing products to market, Travis built Craft in a way that produces better, quicker results through a tried and true logistical network of vetted partners and suppliers. He believes that the most compelling ideas are often right in front of you and that everyone should start a business once in their life.

When Travis is not working on his craft, he is with his family, playing or watching soccer, or planning Calle’s comeback and his eventual retirement in Spain.

Travis was fifteen credits away from getting his Bachelor’s in Business from BYU, but left to start Calle instead.

Eric Gray
Co-Founder/Head of PackagingLI EM

If you’ve ever dreamt in cardboard and molded inserts, then you’re familiar with the world inside of Eric Gray’s head. When opening presents growing up, he was always more interested in the packaging experience than the actual product inside- much to the dismay of his family.

His passion for complex structures blossomed while living in Japan. The artistic culture of Origami and tradition of formal gifting helped to focus Eric’s future studies at Arizona State University, where he majored in Design and Studio Art.

Eric has over 24 years of professional experience in the packaging design industry, where he’s done everything from design consulting to VP of operations. His work is award-winning, but Eric’s true satisfaction is seeing someone who is excited about experiencing the packaging that he’s designed.

In his off time you can find Eric in the kitchen creating decadent recipes. His 4 food groups include beef, bacon, butter, and brownie batter. His favorite quote… “When stressed it is ok to eat cake, chocolate, ice cream and sweets, because stressed spelled backwards is desserts!”

Eric has a BFA in Fine Arts and Studio Design and a Minor in Japanese from Arizona State University.



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